A Letter to My Readers


The past 8 months have been filled with ups and downs and very little time for myself. That’s life, right? This year has been a challenging period that took away my passion to share my thoughts. I’m not going to get into the dark details but sometimes events happen that take you away from doing things you love and leave you doubting yourself and your path in life. The Dressing Room has been a part of me for 5 years but I had to step away to focus on some other areas of my life. It hasn’t all been bad and I do have good news to share but there have been changes nonetheless.

To be true to myself I have decided to get back to doing what I love, and that’s writing and sharing my knowledge and opinions on The Dressing Room. We all have those things that bring us joy and for me writing makes me feel good. I feel like myself when I put fingers to the keyboard. You may be going through a tough time in your life and are not sure where to turn. Know that we all have those tough times. Life will test you. You will be flying high one day, and struggling with your parachute the next. But I truly believe you will find your way. Just don’t give up on what you love.

I’ve missed you all and I hope you will continue to join me on my adventures.