Benefits of washing your face with muslin cloths

MiracleWare Muslin face cloth

I was visiting my mother and she told me about washing her face with just coconut oil. She read somewhere that it was great for sensitive skin and is a great natural cleanser. I was intrigued and started the same process. The oil cleans and removes makeup gently while keeping the skin soft. But this new routine required me to use face cloths.

I came across muslin cloths and was interested to learn that they are the preferred cloth for babies and sensitive skin.

Muslin is a cotton fabric with a plain weave. The fabric is most popular for gauze and bandages.

What makes muslin cloths great:


Muslin cloths dry faster than regular terry cloth towels making them more hygienic.

Removes makeup

The cloths gently remove makeup when cleansing. Just hold the cloth under warm water before and then after to rinse off makeup residue from the cloth.

Mildly exfoliates

The weave provides a mild exfoliation for the skin but is soft to the touch. Muslin cloths are recommended for babies because they are soft and perfect for sensitive skin. You could even forgo your exfoliating scrub when using the cloth.

Where to buy muslin cloths:

You can find inexpensive muslin cloths at baby stores. They will be less expensive than shopping at beauty stores.

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Whether you use a cleanser, soap or coconut oil to wash your face, adding a muslin cloth to your routine will improve your cleaning results.

MiracleWare Muslin face cloth

MiracleWare Muslin face cloth

MiracleWare muslin cloth washing instructions

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  • Reanna

    I’ve never thought of using muslin cloth. I generally use either coconut oil or olive oil to remove make up with good old paper towel. I always found paper towel a bit harsh, will definitely look into getting some muslin. Great tip