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Overnight Treatments

Leave these masks on while you get your beauty sleep and wake up with restored hair. Overnight treatments can help smooth frizz and help restore damaged hair. Just remember to wash them out in the AM.

Healthy Hair, Clear Skin

Is it possible for our hair care products to cause us to break out? Doreen Campbell and Catherine Parker – the two founders of Kairos Acne Care Solutions – have a new line that addresses this issue.

Skin Soothers

Snowboarders know it best: Winter is murder for the skin. You need heavy-duty moisturizers and balms to get through the dry and windy days. These two balms are handy to keep in your purse for the winter months…

Relax! Holidays are over

It may be called ‘Holidays’ but many of us rarely get to relax during the holiday season. January gives us a little time to get some rest and rejuvenate before the year really gets going.

Barbie Wish List

She’s still at the top of our list. After celebrating her 50th birthday in March this year, we just can’t get enough of this fashion (& beauty) icon. Barbie has it all and we want a piece of it! We’re crushing on these delicious products from Cake Beauty….

P&G Beauty Awards

For the first time in Canadian Beauty history, Procter & Gamble held the first P&G Beauty Awards, celebrating and recognizing talented Canadian Fashion and Beauty Writers, Editors, Photographers and Artists. The P&G Beauty Awards were hosted by the lovely Nina Vardalos (Winnipeg represent!). Yours truly was there to enjoy the cocktails and celebrate all the wonderful and talented people in the industry. The event was …

Hair Affair

I’m working on an article about hair colour for and was brainstorming ideas a few weeks ago about what company I wanted to profile. A lot of research and a salon visit are a must. I’ve never had my hair done professionally with Joico products and decided I wanted to find out more about the brand and experience it personally.