Caudalie Spa Facial Experience

Caudalie Spa Boutique Sherway
It’s been over 3 years since I’ve had a spa facial. So when the opportunity came up at the brand new Caudalie boutique spa in Sherway Gardens, I went for it without hesitation. Every once in a while you need to pamper yourself and make some “me” time. I’m a big fan of Caudalie so I knew the treatment would be revitalizing for my winter skin. The boutique spa is a small 2 treatment room facility that specializes in facials. I hope someday they open a full-scale Caudalie spa, just like the ones in France. Once you enter the treatment room you are greeted with a nice comfy heated bed, which was a nice feature on a cold winter day. The treatment selected for me was Vinoperfect Radiance facial. It started out with cleansing and a steam. Organic Grape Water and Beauty Elixir were misted throughout the session to bring moisture and radiance. Then came extraction followed by another misting of grape water to calm any redness. Serums and creams were applied and I asked for a tinted moisturizer so I didn’t have to apply any foundation. By the end of the hour session, I was relaxed, glowing and confident enough to go without makeup for the rest of the day. It felt amazing!

Caudalie Spa Toronto
If you’re thinking about a facial, I highly recommend Caudalie spa. If you don’t live near Toronto or Montreal, you can create your own at-home treatment with these products:

Caudalie At-home facial