Friday DIY: At-home Pedicures Made Easy

Pedicures are probably one of the least enjoyable beauty rituals to do at home. The scrapping and the buffing of the soles is not my idea of fun pampering time. If you’re one to wear heels often you probably experience rough, calloused soles because of this fashionable abuse. Which is why most pedicures require some type of rough skin removal, either with a pumice stone or a metal scraper. The metal scrapers can be dangerous to use if you’re not careful because there are sharp blades used to remove the callouses. The stone and scrapers can take a while to use and it’s not a very elegant process.

Micro-Pedi is a reusable pedicure system that buffs your rough soles in less than 10 minutes. It’s painless and easy to use. No strenuous  effort required. The unit has interchangeable rollers; a pink one for coarse skin and a blue one for extra coarse skin. The roller spins 30 times per second to remove the dead skin and reveal smooth, baby-like souls. The unit is easy to clean and store for the next time your soles need pampering. It makes pedicure time way more elegant.

Micro-Pedi is available on for $49.99

Micro pedi at home pedicure