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I’m working on an article about hair colour for and was brainstorming ideas a few weeks ago about what company I wanted to profile. A lot of research and a salon visit are a must. I’ve never had my hair done professionally with Joico products and decided I wanted to find out more about the brand and experience it personally.

I was told Tony was the man to see. So to Magnattude Hair Studio I went. Far, far away from my comfort zone of uptown, I ventured to the quaint Scarborough salon. I was greeted with a warm welcome from the owner (and my man for the next few hours) – Tony. He told me not to worry as he saw the red patched began to take over my neck as soon as I sat down in his chair – Salon visits always make me nervous, I’m sure you can understand.

Time flew by and the 3-hour visit came to a close with more than enough information to write my colour story. And I knew it right then that I had found my new favorite salon (even if it does take me 45 minutes to get to).

The lengths we will go to look good.

Magnattude Hair Studio – “Hair with Attitude”
1647 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON
(416) 693-9355

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  • blinkLC

    I can’t wait to see the new do! Happy birthday babe!!!

  • Cheska

    Beautiful and enriching post! This is second to my favorite which is JJ Hair CLub 211 Yonge St 1G Toronto, ON M5B 1M4 . I like Gloria from this hair club because she is simply the best. She is so warm and experienced that I was just relaxing there while she did magic on my hair. Going out from the saloon made me feel someone new, someone more confident and more beautiful. If you are interested to give it a shot and meet fantastic Gloria, call these digits: (416) 916-1868

  • LadyK

    Thanks for the salon tip!

  • Dane

    I have to agree with Cheska. I have tried visiting JJ Hair Club too and I was so amazed about how Gloria did wonders to my hair. When I first heard about her, I was not that convinced since I have tried my luck to different hair stylists and saw no great results. When I met Gloria, it was a brand new experience. I went out of JJ Hair Club– more confident and looking good! 🙂

  • Lyle

    Thumbs up to Cheska and Dane! I am another JJ Hair Club loyalist because of Gloria! 🙂

  • Dane

    It’s such a great experience to meet Gloria! JJ
    club has its gem on her. With her skills, experience and warmth, I felt
    like a friend and not just a customer. She was so attentive in my
    instructions. Also, she suggested hairstyles that suit me and my aura.

    I am grateful to my friend from Ottawa who recommended her and I was no
    longer surprised when Gloria did magic on my hair and my

    With all my encounters with hairstylists, I can say that Gloria is
    exceptionally skillful. I stepped in their place with a sinking
    confidence and I went out, transformed and secured with own beauty.

    As an Asian, she is very interesting and so if you talk to her, you can
    feel the sincerity and humility. These are additional factors why I
    will always look for her among every hairstylist that I have met.

    Writing this makes me miss her and makes me want to think of a new posh hair style

    If you are interested to give it a shot and meet fantastic Gloria, call these digits: (416) 916-1868

    JJ Hair CLub 211 Yonge St 1G Toronto, ON M5B 1M4