Holiday Wine Cocktail Recipes from Yellow Tail

There is nothing more relaxing than sipping a nice glass of wine with a delicious meal. The Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio and the Shiraz are my picks for a relaxing Friday night with friends.

For the holidays Yellow Tail has come out with limited edition bottles. Their iconic wallaby is transformed into a mosaic, making it an even lovelier addition to the dinner table. Over the holidays it’s nice to try different drinks so they’ve come out with two recipes to enjoy with friends and family.

Dazzle your holiday guests with these cocktails.

[yellow tail] Wintery Fireside CosmoShiraz Fireside cosmo
• 1oz blueberry vodka
• 1.5oz [yellow tail] Shiraz
• 0.5oz acai syrup
• half a pressed lime
• 0.5oz orange liquor

Mix all ingredients together and shake with ice. Strain into a Martini glass, garnish with a lime and enjoy!Shiraz Chardonnay Squeeze


[yellow tail] Chardonnay Holiday Squeeze
• 2 fresh basil leaves
• 2 orange slices
• 1.5oz [yellow tail] Chardonnay
• 0.5oz of simple syrup
• 0.5oz brandy
• Float of orange liqueur

In the bottom of mixing glass, add the orange slice, simple syrup, and basil leaves, then muddle well. Add ice, [yellow tail] Chardonnay and brandy. Shake well, then double strain into a chilled martini glass rimmed in sugar. Float orange liqueur and garnish with a lemon twist.