How to Wear the Peplum

The peplum dominated the spring/summer runway on skirts, dresses and tops. This silhouette-altering piece was hot in the 40’s and had a semi-revival in the 90’s but has made a big comeback this season. A peplum is a flounce, pleats or frills that comes down from the waist and goes over the hips. This detail gives strong angles and exaggerated hips (not something everyone really wants). Think of it as shoulder pads for you hips. It works for some but not all body types.

How to wear a peplum: Pair a peplum top with a pencil skirt or skinny pants. Because it emphasizes the hips you want to keep the silhouette tailored and fitted below the peplum. For example if you’re wearing a blazer with a peplum, match it with a straight, fitted pant.

Not sure if a peplum will work for your figure? Try a more toned down style that doesn’t have pleats. A colour block version will add the angle effect without the bulk.

Check out this video on other in-vogue ways to wear peplums this season.

Thinking about trying out this hot trend? Here are some styles to try:

  1. ASOS Top In Lace With Peplum, $49.41
  2. Alice + Olivia Patsy Peplum Top, $207.32
  3. H&M peplum top, $49.95
  4. ASOS Shell Top With Peplum, $38.82
  5. Alice + Olivia Hilly Short Sleeve Peplum Dress, $330
  6. Zara Blazer with frill waist