How to make your home smell like fresh flowers

fresh flowers

It’s Spring! Which means it’s time to freshen up the house with flowers. I love to have fresh flowers because they bring so much life to a home with their pretty scents fill a room. This spring, instead of spending money each week on flowers, I’ve decided to try another route:  Home fragrance. No, I don’t mean Febreeze. I mean real, natural and amazingly scented fragrances for every room.

With my spring cleaning, I used Lotus Aroma natural room mist, scented hand soap and essential oil to freshen up my home.

Lotus Aroma Ambiance Mist

I am completely obsessed with the Lotus Aroma Ambiance mist in Rose & Indian Geranium. It’s the perfect flower fragrance for the home. My husband thought I bought flowers! Just the effect I was hoping for.


Lotus Aroma Essential Oil

Adding a few drops of the True Lavender essential oil to an oil burner to calm the room.

Pro Tip: A few drops of Cedar and True Lavender essential oils on a porous stone in the closet will keep moths at bay and protect your clothes.

Lotus Aroma Hand Soap

Giving the bathroom a boost with the energizing fragrance of Pomelo Flower hand soap.


Home Fragrance
LOTUS AROMA Ambiance Mists ($16), essential oils, and hand soap ($15)