Overnight Treatments

Leave these masks on while you get your beauty sleep and wake up with restored hair. Overnight treatments can help smooth frizz and help restore damaged hair. Just remember to wash them out in the AM.

Healthy Hair, Clear Skin

Is it possible for our hair care products to cause us to break out? Doreen Campbell and Catherine Parker – the two founders of Kairos Acne Care Solutions – have a new line that addresses this issue.

Skin Soothers

Snowboarders know it best: Winter is murder for the skin. You need heavy-duty moisturizers and balms to get through the dry and windy days. These two balms are handy to keep in your purse for the winter months…

Relax! Holidays are over

It may be called ‘Holidays’ but many of us rarely get to relax during the holiday season. January gives us a little time to get some rest and rejuvenate before the year really gets going.

Happy Holidays!

    Hope you all had a fashionable holiday season! The Dressing Room is taking a much needed vacation and will return better than ever later this month. xo LadyKEM  

Style: Thomas Sabo F/W collection: Seduction

This trendy German brand has been in Canada for only a few years yet it seems to be keeping quite a buzz with jewelry addicts. Currently, the only retail locations in the country reside in Quebec but you can shop these exquisite pieces online or select boutiques. The Seduction collection was crafted after the Adam and Eve story. For those who are unfamiliar with the …