Swarovski Spring/Summer Statement Collection

Large over-sized necklaces and outrageous rings are just the jems needed to add luxury and style to your summer look.

These are my favorites from Swarovski’s Spring/Summer Statement Collection…

Raphaela Bangle – The warm coral and pink stones are worked into crystal mesh circles. This piece won’t just be making statements, it will be making declarations!


Rarely Ring – Multi-coloured pastel shades are a more sophisticated alternative to the neon trend being worn. Pair it with your favorite denim for a chic, effortless look.


Renewal Neckalce – This fine mesh necklace is made delicate with the soft pastel crystals.


Molly Necklace – This vintage inspired necklace is a sure conversation piece at any elegant tea party.


Rarely Bangle – Dazzle your admirers with this sixties-inspired wrist candy.