Welcome to my new site!

coffee and gloss

For the past few months I’ve been working on rebranding my website and finding my niche. This is an ongoing process of discovery but have finally settled on a new name and a new look. I find great pleasure in writing and sharing my experiences with you and hope you will enjoy my new site. So without further ado: Welcome to Coffee & Gloss!

Formerly the-dressingroom.ca, Coffee & Gloss is the new and improved site that features beauty, fashion and lifestyle articles.

Why Coffee & Gloss?
The new name came about because I no longer related with The Dressing Room. I wanted something that I (and I hope others) can relate too. Coffee and gloss have become my “necessities”. Coffee to motivate me and gloss to make me feel good. It also represents a more sophisticated and refined side, that I think we all have (or strive for).

What You Will Find Here:
At Coffee & Gloss, it’s more than just coffee and gloss (although there will be plenty), I will share the latest happenings in my life and feature new products, advancements and trends in the fields of fashion and beauty.

I welcome your on-going feedback and appreciate any improvements you would like to see at Coffee & Gloss.

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Coming Soon…

Relationship section – A true take on relationships and how to plan a wedding and not go broke. Check out my first article here.

At Work section – Focusing on the reality of the working world today, the amazing and the hard-to-swallow.