Winter Wonder: Win these amazing new moisturizers from Jergens


Don’t let the cold Canadian weather get under your skin. Keep hydrated with the new Jergens moisturizers! Each contains a hydraLucence blend designed to improve your skin’s texture, tone and luminosity.

I’ve been using the Ultra Care on my hands and love the moisture barrier it creates. It has a light velvet touch that absorbs quickly and keeps my hands soft.

When to use which moisturizer:

Extra Dry Cracked Skin: use the Jergens Ultra Care. And if you have sensitive skin opt for the Fragrance-free version.

Dry Skin: use the Jergens Original beauty lotion.

Normal Skin: for extra hydration (especially in the cold months) try the Jergens Vitamin E Replenishing Moisturizer.

Dull skin: If your skin isn’t looking its brightest, the Jergens Soothing Aloe Moisturizer refreshes instantly.


Jergens - Everest Canadian Line-Up

Enter to win the complete line of new Jergen’s moisturizers!

Prize includes:

  • Jergens Ultra Care
  • Jergens Ultracare Unscented
  • Jergens Original beauty Lotion
  • Jergens Vitamin E
  • Jergens soothing Aloe

All in the 365mL size!

Enter for a chance to Win!
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Giveaway ends November 21st!
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  • Susan

    JERGENS products have been used my whole life, as far back as I can remember. My dad worked as an Auto Repair specialist with his own business and he used to buy JERGENS by the case for all to use in the home and in his shop. Whenever I smell JERGENS it always reminds me of my Dad who passed away a few years ago. I have not yet used all the new products but have entered the contest to do so. Sure hope I win so I can go down memory lane some more about my Dad.

  • Virginia Buck

    Jergens hand lotion has always been my favorite.